Child Tutors is a non-profit organization that will prepare your child's to improve their Knowledge, and Grade Point Average to be above the United States National Public Schools Average.

Our Introduction;

Welcome to our non-profit organization, where education and social development is our children's main concern, because they are our next generation of people to leads this great nation. We shall find volunteer of people from Colleges, Universities and qualified Teachers to donate their time and resources to educated our kid's. Our main mission  is to focus on helping improve tutors service for academic improvement in conjunction with many afterschool program in Austin and surround Metropolitan area in United States and Good Neighbor Countries. 


Our Mission and Goal;


We shall helping to improve our children knowledge, Grade Point Average (GPA) to exceed above one nation public school avage through  many educate technique that our students and teachers will pass onto your children. In preparation our next generation leader's into College Life. With hope that our Organization will grow global.

Our Organization;

Our Volunteers are the people, consist from College Student and Teacher will come to your Campuses, After School Boys & Girls Clubs of any City Schools to tutors your childrens of all age-appropriate children from kindergarten through the upper  high school  grades. Our experienced, skilled teaching volunteers people works together as a teams to guide your child through a journey of education with help to improve their GPA, in conjuction with his or her academic after school programs. Come visit us!

Our Philosophy;

Your child will have the opportunities to pursue a range of software programs or individual activities to complement his or her rigorous academic curriculum. Our low student-to-teacher ratio will help to ensures that your child gets the attention he or she deserving.

We invite you to post comment and help us better manage and learn more about our philosophy for preparing your child for career success.

We invite People, Colleges Student's and Universities Teacher's want to be a volunteer to share your's knowlege, time, resoures to help tutors and educate our children for better tomorrow.

P.O.Box 1242, Leander, Texas | (512) 508.8554

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